Our Story

Origin of the Idea - The founder observed that despite the well-established science, the general public was confused and disagreed about climate change and if human activity impacts the environment; only a minority are taking action like purchasing a fuel efficient car.  He wondered why there aren't pro-environment television commercials. Most of the pro-environment information is distributed by direct mailers and social media, which is good for fund raising, but is preaching to the choir.  There needs to be a media campaign to reach the general public.  WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN EXISTING ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATION, FOUNDATION OR COALITION OF MAJOR DONORS TO EXECUTE THIS CONCEPT.

Too Much Doubt – Only about 20% of the US population is convinced humans are impacting climate change and are taking action and  only half believe climate change is due to human activity.  

Political Rankings – 2016 Rankings of Political Issues: #1 Economy, #2 Terrorism, #12 Environment; Environmental views are highly correlated to political affiliation.

Public Doesn't Trust Scientists –  Only a minority of the general public see climate scientists research and understanding in a positive fashion.

Additional Comments – We are pursuing this work because no one else seems to be. We are promoting the concept and would be pleased to have an environmental organization or foundation take the lead.  The founder is not receiving and will not accept any personal compensation for this work

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