Our Work

Changing Public Perception about Environmental Issues

The fossil fuel industry has spent decades saturating the airwaves and internet with messages designed to spread doubt, attack scientific findings and confuse the public about environmental issues.  To counter the misinformation from the fossil fuel industry, a massive media campaign is needed, including television, radio, print and digital media.  Messages would address the environmental challenges with a positive and  inspiring  vision.  Funding could be provided by individual donors, foundations, corporations, and environmental organizations.  Together a coalition would shift momentum back towards scientific truth, and the actions and policies that will sustain our planet.  WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN EXISTING ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATION, FOUNDATION OR COALITION OF MAJOR DONORS TO EXECUTE THIS VISION.

Mission Statement:  To execute a major long-term media campaign to educate the general public about climate change and the actions they can take to minimize their impact on our planet.  PLEASE SCROLL DOWN AND WATCH OUR VIDEO.


This 3 minute video explains our mission