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A Vision for a Major Media Campaign to Enhance Public Awareness About Environmental Issues.

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The fossil fuel industry has spent decades and millions of $ to misinform and influence public opinion about the environment.  17 of the 18 hottest years have occurred since 2001, yet only half of Americans believe human activity contributes to global warming.  And according to Pew Research, "the environment" ranked 12th in voting issues in 2016.  Climate change is ocurring and our planet's cries are being silenced.  

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The fossil fuel industry has spent decades saturating the airwaves and internet with messages designed to spread doubt, attack scientific findings and confuse the public about environmental issues.  To counter the misinformation from the fossil fuel industry, we are planning to conduct a massive media campaign to include television, radio, print and digital media.  Our messages will address the environmental challenges with a positive and  inspiring  vision.  Funding will be provided by individual donors, foundations, corporations, and environmental organizations.  Together our coalition will shift momentum back towards scientific truth, and the actions and policies that will sustain our planet.

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We are looking for supporters to help us make our vision a reality!  You can support us by providing resources, advising, endorsing, or spreading the word about the concept and our website.  Ideally, we would like an existing environmental organization, foundation and/or coalition of major donors to take the lead and execute a major pro-environmental media campaign.

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We can't accomplish our mission without the help of supporters like you!  Please contact us to discuss our plans and how you can support our work.

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